FAQ rentals Badass Rentals

Below is an overview with the most frequently asked questions when renting via Badassrentals. Please read these questions carefully to see if your question can be answered here. If you still have another question, it is best to ask it by email

What is the address where I can pick up the rented property?

For location Giethoorn you can pick up the rented at Hollands Venetie which you will find at Beulakerweg 167, 8355 AG Giethoorn.
For the Blokzijl location you can pick up the rented property at the Prins Mauritshuis which you will find at Brouwerstraat 2, 8356 DV Blokzijl
When you have placed the reservation, you will receive a confirmation containing all the information you need to pick up the rented property.

Are these all costs or are there additional costs?
The price you pay us is the total price, no more costs will be charged.

What are the terms and conditions ?
The general terms and conditions can be found via the link at the bottom of the page

I still haven't received a confirmation email, what should I do?
The system automatically creates e-mails for your reservation. It is of course possible that it disappears in your spam box, please check there first. Very rarely does this e-mail arrive, for example by incorrectly entering an e-mail address and very seldom is an e-mail from us rejected by a server of the tenant (caiway servers sometimes give these problems). Send an e-mail with your name, e-mail and if possible payment details and we will manually send you the e-mail again.

I have rented a two-wheeler but want to change something about my reservation?
If you have completed a reservation, you have received an email, this email will state where the reservation has been placed in Giethoorn. If you want to change something about your reservation, you can short-circuit it with us. You can reach us by email or via the contact details you have received by email.

How much time do I need to visit Giethoorn per E-chopper or E-cruiser?
There are several routes in Giethoorn and Weerribben Wieden that you can take. We offer a number of routes as standard where you stay within the time that you have reserved, while you still have the option to make a stop on the way, take extensive photos or have a drink somewhere.

Do I need a driver's license to ride an E-Chopper or E-Cruiser?
When you reserve an E-Chopper, you must be in possession of a motorcycle, scooter or car driving license. You do not need a driver's license for an E-Cruiser. You drive license will be checked before you

What to do in the event of a breakdown?
If you have a breakdown on the road, you can contact us and we will ensure that replacement transport comes to you so that you can continue your trip undisturbed.

Where can i find the terms and conditions?
On the following page you can find the general terms and conditions when you want to rent a E-Chopper. https://badassrentals.nl/algemene-voorwaarden/